Ethicaly testing zoosemiotics

Tiffany Gerrior


The scientific article “Guidelines for the treatment of animals in behavioral research and teaching” talks about the ethics of studying animal behavior through different techniques. Testing and/or observing for Zoosemiotics also known as the study of animal behavior there are many protocols that must be followed. These are to insure the safety and comfort of the test subject. This topic is important because it keeps people from preforming animal cruelty. It causes people to go through a process of justification for what they are doing not only for the animal’s safety but also for cost efficiency. Today there are many different types of requirements and justifications they must meet to study or observe test subjects which is great progress as compared to history. Although this community has come a long way, it is important to note that there can still be more done to help insure the safety and quality of life for these test subjects. Such as making sure that things are not done only because it is more cost effective. The study of animal behavior has come a long way there is always room for improvement to be made as we continue to learn more about how to properly accommodate animals.

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