Physical Activity and its Role in Cancer Prevention

Lindsey Scorsone


Physical activity is being recognized as a prevention mechanism of multiple cancers. There’s a great number of studies that have been carried out identifying that the greater amount of physical activity a person takes part in, the less chance of being diagnosed with cancer. A few studies have been broken down with their findings & progress associating varying levels of exercise with risk of multiple cancers. It is so important to identify methods that can be done to decrease the risk of cancer, as it’s one of the highest causes of death. Not only is physical activity a tool for cancer prevention, but it also influences other aspects of the human body that can contribute to the risk of cancer. These studies have found that most cancers and their risk can be lowered as the amount of physical activity that you participate in increases. With this, there are some that with increasing, high activity, the risk does not change in comparison to moderate activity. Right now, these studies are all coming out with the same findings, exercise truly does make an impact on the prevention of cancer. As research is still coming out, and with the cohort of people that these studies used, a couple problems can come up. How does exercising as a young adult and not just as an older adult affect cancer risk? Also, what are the biological mechanisms that physical activity has on the prevention of cancer? All are open to answer as this topic in cancer is further studied and researched.

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