Assessing the Effects of Ovarian Cancer Treatment on Fertility in Young Women

Dylan Johnston


In today’s society, cancer has an impact on nearly every person. More often than not, an individual can name an immediate family member or friend that has battled some form of cancer. They may have even had it themself. Not only is the illness itself a difficult challenge to face, but there are typically residual effects to a person’s life as well. For example, young women who are diagnosed with ovarian cancer will undoubtedly have concerns about the impacts the disease and treatment will have on their fertility. This is an interesting sub-field of cancer research with enormous implications for young women, their significant others, and their families. This microreview will examine a portion of the body of research currently devoted to answering some of the questions associated with ovarian cancer treatment and fertility impacts. Scientists and healthcare professionals continue to balance learning and developing courses of treatment for these gynecologic cancers while keeping a patient’s fertility front of mind. Studies like the ones discussed below attempt to offer some post-treatment insight into long-term effects of treating ovarian cancer.

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