Exploring the Tumor Microenvironment Concerning Immunotherapy

zoie morrison


The Tumor Microenvironment (TME) is the blood vessels, molecules, and normal cells. The microenvironment of a tumor can alter and affect how the tumor spreads and expands. The microenvironment is a crucial part of the tumor to activate heterogeneity of a carcinoma and present studies to multi-drug resistance to a malignant cell. Heterogeneity of malignant cells is significant to cancer stem cells' capability to preserve and renew it with different actions. In correlation with cancer stem cells of the inflammatory myeloid-derived suppressor cellsĀ  (MDSCs) which mediate immune responses. Each component of the TME is very crucial to different aspects of tumor cells and will continue to expand studies to differently utilize each. The discovery of the tumor microenvironment went on to drive an abundant amount of studies of the TME and how immunotherapy implicates the components of the tumor microenvironment for cancer treatments.

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