Immunotherapies Effects on Cancer and Cancer Research

Jadyn Scott


Cancer is a disease that professionals have long been attempting to figure out. Over time new technologies have allowed doctors and researchers to help figure cancer. However, some of these cause negative side effects for cancer patients. New research has been introduced in treatments called immunotherapies. This type of therapy attempts to use a patients own immune system to attack the tumor and cancerous cells within the body. T cells are the focus of this research for their abilities within the immune system. Once activated with an antigen the immune cells are able to locate the cell with the same antigen and annihilate them. For different types of cancers different methods of treatments are needed. Figuring out an individual treatment plan for patients is key in sending the patients into remission. The use of PD-L1 in cancer cells allows them to avoid the immune system however they can be susceptible to T cell targeting. The immune system for every individual is different and adaptive immunity is personalized. Due to this treatment regimes also need to be personalized for each patient when being treated with immunotherapies. Even with large advancements in immunotherapies there are still issues that arise and need more research and studies to eventually better this cancer treatment

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