The Biology of Leukemia: The Cancer of the Blood

Emily Jenkins


Thousands of people die from cancer each year. Although scientists and doctors have worked endlessly to find cures for various cancers, there is currently not an absolute cure for leukemia. Leukemia can be diagnosed in almost all age ranges and can be quite deadly due to its tendency to be asymptomatic for long periods of times. This disease attacks the human bodies defense system, the white blood cells. Not only are white blood cells attacked, but bone marrow and other blood made tissues are harmed as well. Over the last few years, health professionals have made great improvement in their knowledge towards treating the various types of leukemia. Doctors have used chemotherapy for years to treat cancer, however, stem cell transplants have recently shown great significance towards the curing of deadly diseases. The pathogenesis of a disease such as leukemia can be incredibly complex, but modern technology has allowed human genes to be analyzed at microscopic levels to help health professionals grasp a greater understanding of how these diseases form and take over our bodily systems so rapidly.

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