The importance of our microbiome and utilization of immune cells in cancer treatment and prevention

Catalina Molina


Cancer is a highly progressive disease and has been treated with a multitude arrangement of treatments, from chemotherapy to immunotherapy. Within the realm of cancer treatment lies the highly progressive and innovative use of immunotherapy. This type of biological therapy can aid in the reduction of damage done during the treatment as well as utilize our own immune system and microbiota. When there is a dysbiosis within our microbiome, our body becomes suspectable to diseases and illness because microorganisms within are beneficial in their respective amounts. In these studies, conducted by researchers, the body’s own immune defenses are highly used and provide beneficial results in the treatment of cancer with the aid of microorganisms and other cancer treatments. This information relays the importance of maintaining homeostasis within our own microbiota to prevent disruption of our immune system and prevent the accumulation of diseases. But also bringing light to the contribution our own immune cells have on treatments for cancer and utilizing those treatments to give strength back to our immune system to combat cancerous cells.

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