mRNA vaccines are they effective against the Covid-19 virus in US veterans.]

Ryan Morrison


Vaccinations have been proven to be affective against many diseases including the covid-19 virus. This paper aims to take a look at the effectiveness of follow up booster shots specifically in US veterans. The reason for this specific population is that this specific version of the vaccine has not been tested among a diverse population and the US veteran population is a great place to start. This research is important because of the relevance of the covid 19 virus and its ever-adapting strains so having a new booster that is affective against this news strain is vital. The exciting progress that has been made in this field recently is actually the development of the covid vaccine as mrna was vital in its production and laid the groundwork for many future mrna vaccines to come. There are some problems with this field as mrna is a very new and under researched field so any problems that it may have may not come to light until future research is done.

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