The Risk of Tanning Beds For Cosmetic Use

Madaline Turner


As the popularity of indoor tanning increases, the risk at which many people who utilize this machine increases as well. A tanning bed is an apparatus that uses light bulbs to emit ultraviolet rays. Tanning beds can cause premature aging of the skin, damage to the skin, and skin cancer, The use of tanning beds in younger populations increases the chances of this population developing melanoma increases tremendously (Congressional). The beds can be horizontal for laying down, or upright that is used for standing. The use of tanning beds is a fairly new practice, and before its debut, sun tanning was used in its place to achieve the same cosmetic outcome. There are salons that specialize in tanning beds and offer memberships and fitness gyms that have tanning beds for patron use. These establishments have been found to not properly educate members on the dangers of ultraviolet radiation from tanning beds and promote its use as a health benefit. Receiving a healthy amount of UV radiation is recommended to produce Vitamin D in the body, however, many lack the understanding on what would be considered a healthy amount of UV radiation. The substantial amount of evidence regarding the correlation of tanning beds and developing skin cancer has led to several steps taken forward to ban the use of tanning beds for minors. A study was done in 2009 to measure the perception of risk that women aged 16-29 had on tanning beds.

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