Fertility Sparing in Cervical Cancer Treatment

Glory Wilson


As cervical cancer survival rates climb higher than ever before, doctors are beginning to shift their focus in a new direction. Fertility sparing treatments are important to many battling cervical cancer since so many patients are diagnosed during the prime of their childbearing years. Doctors have seen success in a few different treatment paths. Ovarian Transposition moves the patients’ ovaries out of the field of radiation to preserve function. Although it has shown success in multiple trials, studies have noted an underutilization in comparison to other less successful treatments. Radical vaginal trachelectomies have begun to replace radical hysterectomies, while keeping the ovaries and uterus completely intact. This allows for natural births to be discussed by the patients and their doctors. Additional improvements have been made to advance radical vaginal trachelectomies with laparoscopic techniques and eventually robotic technology. These advances have resulted in quicker recovery times and reduced blood loss.

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