Y chromosome and male infertility

Chandler White


The Human Y chromosome is known for sex determination and its haploid formation within the genome, where no recombination takes place. The Y chromosome is under much study due to its anomalies within the human body. The scientists in this first study hope to understand the relationship between the Y chromosome and Y-linked genetic anomalies. In this study the researchers are providing information on the Y chromosome and its involvement within genetic anomalies. It is known so far that mutations in the genes of the Y chromosome and autosomes result in male infertility. Due to male infertility the scientists are also studying the azoospermia. The scientists are performing research on three different azoospermia: AZFa, AZFb or AZFc in relation to the Yq arm (long arm) region of the chromosome. This research determined that in this study, deletion of one or all three of azoospermia will result in male infertility.

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