A Micro-review of Oxidative-Stress Hypothesis and its Affect on Aging

Michael Perritt


This review is to look at three different scientific studies that deal with the same subject, which is oxidative-stress hypothesis. The studies deal with different recent, and relevant discoveries that deal with the hypothesis.  What the studies have in common however is that they all support the hypothesis in one-way or another.  Even though the hypothesis is around sixty years old there is still room for criticism one way or another, which keeps it from becoming a theory.  The other main point of this is how the hypothesis relates to aging, and how many believe that it is the driving force behind the actual aging of a human being.  Now while it is a known fact that reactive oxygen species due bond to biomolecules, it is not known whether this is the cause of aging or if it is just a biomarker because of some other aging process. This reviews purpose is to not only sum up the accounts of the experiments done, but to see how valid the experiments are and how relevant they are to the hypothesis.

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