Down Syndrome; The Trisomy of Chromosome 21

Dylan Ezell


Down syndrome is a trisomic effect of the 21st chromosome that results in a number of infants throughout the nation. DS occurs when the 21st chromosome or Hsa 21 produces three copies instead of the normal two chromosomes. DS results in many different disabilities, which include mental retardation as well as early onset of Alzheimer’s and many other harmful diseases or disabilities that can dramatically affect the patient. Research shows that the only known cause of Down syndrome relates to the mother of the child, and shows no signs from the father. Maternal age is the only factor known to produce children with DS. And as you would suggest and the maternal age increases, so does the probability of producing a child with DS. At this point in time, scientist have not developed a cure for DS, but are constantly studying to develop better understanding as to why the disease causes an early onset for many other infections and diseases, that one can be prone too. The only thing at this point they can suggest is to not wait until later years of life to try and birth children, because statistics show, as it was mentioned, probability increases with age.

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