The progression of studies in the area of basal cell carcinoma

Emily Bogan


This review discusses the debates over the formation of basal cell carcinoma (BCC) and the exciting new findings that are taking place in the field of science in order to find new treatments for this condition. It is known that many people suffer the effects of cancer with little to no plans of treatment. This lack of a cure or bearable treatment is part of a worldwide problem. There are many types of cancers for which people are diagnosed and each type of cancer has its own ways of growing and its own treatment plan and problems. Basal cell carcinoma is the highest form of malignancy found in people of European descent (Kasper 455). Until sixteen years ago basal cell carcinoma was essentially an unknown cancer (Epstein 743). Scientist and doctors alike were unsure of the cause of this cancer. Since then scientist are beginning to understand this highly diagnosed cancer and are striving towards finding new ways to treat it. This review covers how basal cell carcinoma forms and different strives scientist are taking to find treatments. Through using a form of treatment called the hedgehog inhibitor real progress is being made in stopping the growth of these tumors and even reversing the growth in many of the tumors. With further research and testing scientist are finding a way to effectively treat the basal cell carcinoma epidemic found in people of European decent.

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