Construction of cDNA Libraries on the Rise in Cutting Edge Sports Gene Research

Carlie Goekeler


 In the world today, professional athletes are known as genetic savants, and outsiders are always looking for supplements to enhance their bodies to the level of performance that professional athletes have from their genetics. Constructing a full-length cDNA library allows for the full evaluation of expressed sequence tags. The relevance of this stems from acknowledging that the only way to fully understand the genetic makeup of professional athletes today is to study their preserved cDNA libraries. The true results of this study will only come with more and more compilation of cDNA libraries from professional athletes genomes’, however, it is great current progress in itself that athlete’s genomes’ are finally being studied today. The current status of this field of study is promising with more and more research being conducted on athletes ethic backgrounds but is still lacking diversity in sampling and athlete backgrounds.

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