Can Wine Solve the Heart Disease Epidemic?

Jordan Satterfield


It is common knowledge that heart disease is among the leading causes of death around the world. Heart disease can present itself in a variety of ways, one of these being atherosclerosis. Simple put, atherosclerosis is the hardening of arteries due to plaque build up. When forces such as cigarette smoking or diabetes damage arteries, the body sends in white blood cells to clean up the mess. If the body is left to clean up the damaged arteries for a prolonged period of time it reduces to using plaque to try and stop the cholesterol build up within the blood. Thus resulting in plague build up and ultimately heart disease. With heart diseases such as atherosclerosis being such a common problem researchers are constantly working to find a way to prevent it. A group in China recently published an article on their discovery that could change the way pharmaceutical companies and physicians look at heart disease prevention.

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