The Use of Silver to Increase Daptomycin Effectiveness

Jonathan Liles


Antibiotics and the ability to use them has become a large concern for many doctors and scientists.  Because of their overuse and many other factors the antibiotics currently available have been made less effective at fighting certain bacteria.  Although this is potentially a very large problem there are many different possible solutions.  Creation of new antibiotics that will inhibit bacteria when the older antibiotics fail, increasing the effectiveness of the older antibiotics in regards to stopping diseases, and reducing the misuse of antibiotics so that antibiotic resistance is far less likely to occur in bacteria are all important actions to take for the future of antibiotics.  One method being researched for current antibiotics is the use of silver to increase their usefulness.  This method has been shown to increase the effectiveness of Daptomycin in one study and has potential for the fight against bacterial diseases.

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