The incredible potential of magic mushrooms

Sydney Berry


For centuries, psychedelic experiences have been a topic of debate. People throughout the years have described a multitude of different experiences with drugs that bring on psychedelic experiences. Some have said that these psychedelic drugs have actually been beneficial to their health and others saying the drugs should be avoided due to the dangerous possibilities. The most recent studies done have shown that there are radical beneficial effects in test subjects battling depression and anxiety. In the past, the war on drugs caused all psychedelic drugs to be banned from use in the US, while other countries allowed their use. In some countries, the drugs were used as an aid in medication for those with depression and anxiety and in other countries the drugs were made completely illegal. Because of the controversial legalizations in other countries, there has been more interest in the possible medicinal effects of the psychedelic drugs. The worry comes in when discussing the side effects of the use of the psychedelics, this is because there have been unfortunate events in people who have abused the psychedelic. People have experienced events in which they have witnessed their own ego die, something they have described as a terrifying experience in the moment but also an eye-opening experience that brought them growth as people. The field of research is rapidly growing and obtaining more and more information on the benefits of the psychedelics.

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