The Chase for the Perfect Vaccine

Dylan Palmer


 As another flu season is gripping the world, the search for a more efficient vaccination is an extremely high priority. With many different strains of the influenza virus, paired with frequent genetic drift; crafting a perfect vaccination has posed a challenge to say the least. These virus’, as well as many others, have developed mechanisms to infect the host while eluding the immune systems fist line of defense. In order to be able to utilize these virus’ as an effectual attenuated vaccination, they must stimulate this response in order for the body to recognize the pathogen as well as create memory cells. A successful vaccination needs to meet a variety of different criteria including: high immunogenicity, low virulence, high attenuation, and protection against homologous and heterologous viral encounters. Du, Yushen, et al. have begun researching a new possible option for the influenza vaccination that focuses on identifying and incorporating certain mutations to the virus that greatly increase the capacity to stimulate an immune response. Previous attenuated vaccinations have low virulence and acceptable attenuation; but are still capable of avoiding the critical initial immune response.

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