Microorganisms, and Their Intrinsic Relationship with Cystic Fibrosis

Kyle Goebel


Diseases are a common facet with microorganisms. But their intrinsic nature within an individual’s microbiome can be the difference between life and death for someone who contracts a disease. Sometimes it’s not the other microbes that are the determining factor. Rather, it could be the innate environment of the host that can provide a perfect setting for any microorganism to take advantage of. Since “most” people have a common environment this can help make research more streamlined in that regard. If someone has an uncommon environment (a comorbidity) much like the ones caused by asthma, previous infections, diseases, etc. This opens an entire field for researching the effects of infectious diseases. Specifically, for this paper the focus will be on research conducted on cystic fibrosis. To have a credible source for this information, an interview with Erika Lutter, who acquired her Ph.D. in bacterial pathogenesis at the University of Calgary, was conducted.

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