Oncolytic virotherapy and electroporation: synergistic superheroes for pancreatic cancer?

Alex X Arreola


Oncolytic-virotherapy has begun to act as a promising treatment for some cancers. However, many obstacles stand between it and a cancer-wide cure. Research is underway to investigate means of increasing the effectiveness of this strategy. In fact, a recent experimental combination therapy has shown much promise in the treatment of pancreatic cancer both in vivo and in vitro. In a pre-clinical investigation, it was determined that when the novel oncolytic Alphavirus M1 is combined with electroporation therapy, the therapy’s efficacy exceeds the sum of the contribution made by each treatment alone—presenting a synergy. This discovery suggests a hopeful future treatment for a disease that is increasing in mortality. However, further pre-clinical testing is necessary before the therapy can be considered for human trials.

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