Treating Lung Cancer

Cooper Miller


Lung cancer was first discovered about half way through the 1800’s. Since then, the incidence and death rates have had many peaks and valleys but overall, cases of lung cancer have grown exponentially. One of the bigger factors contributing to the rapid increase in incidence and mortality rates is the development and use tobacco inhalation products such as cigarettes. However, other factors like air pollution have played role in the increasing rates. Lung cancer is, and has been, one of the main cancers being diagnosed. Currently, lung cancer is the second most common cancer behind skin cancer. So, despite the advancement of technology and medical procedures, lung cancer is still a major problem in today’s society. Nonetheless, these advancements have provided medical professionals with ways of addressing and attacking the lung cancer cells. The most common way of combating is chemotherapy. Research, which has been collected over time for the past several years, has shown additional treatments administered with chemotherapy generate efficient results in concerns to dealing with lung cancer. Two of these combination therapies include chemotherapy with a drug called Pembrolizumab and chemotherapy with early palliative care. These methods have yielded better death rates and/or quality of life among people who have been diagnosed with lung cancer.

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