Analysis on the Current Research into the Efficacy of Antibiotic Alternatives

Jessica Arlington


One particular concept on the forefront of microbiology based research is that of finding new treatments for bacterial pathogens. In addition to the immediate threat of untreatable infection, another push for further exploration stems from recent research investigating the importance of a healthy and diverse microbiome. Despite the push for development no current research has been successful in finding a new antibiotic since the 1980’s. Utilizing probiotics and dietary supplementation could hopefully result in a decrease in the prevalence and antibiotic resistant pathogens and an increase in overall diversity of the microbiome. Finding relevant research on the topic is difficult as the studies are limited due to ethics. This demonstrates an open niche for research and calls for action. The results of a Meta-analysis on the efficacy of alternatives for treatment of chronic urinary tract infections demonstrated that dietary supplementation and the addition of probiotics have the potential to fight bacterial infection. This supports the need for further research

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