Improved immune responses from cancerous tumors following the reaction with the pathogen

Catalina Molina


The immunosuppressive characteristics of the cancerous tumors are what make the disease to deadly and hard to treat within the field of medicine. With the ever growing presence of immunotherapy the chances of survival are becoming greater. The body’s immune response along with their cells are suppressed and cannot defend or stop the tumor from growing and the rapid replication of the cancer cells. This study utilizes our immune cells capability in stopping the tumor from growing and eventually eliminating the tumor itself with the aid of the pathogen, Salmonella sp., that will work as a carrier for the antigens to the outside where the immune cells are to finally be able to be presented to the T cells, having dendritic cells attached to them, then finally were marked for destruction along with the presence of radiotherapy; showed the effectiveness of this combination of treatments. This is an astounding finding as it leads pathway to more ways in treating and hopefully riding the body of these tumors and disease. Although pathogens have the habit of causing infection and disease, they are also able to offer uses in treatments and improving the human immune systematic response.

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