Heritability of Various Cancers Among Twins

Emma Pollard


Cancer research over the years has led to vital discoveries in causative agents and genetics. Familial risk is a common area of study that provides significant guidance to uncovering the extensive role genetics plays in development of various cancers. A specific study aiming to determine incidence rates and heritability of a wide range of cancers known as the Nordic Twin Study was performed on a large group of both monozygotic and dizygotic pairs of twins in regions of Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark. The Nordic Twin Study was the largest twin study to date and gathered crucial information over 30 years linking familial risk and heritability to the development of cancer. Collection and analysis of incidence rates in the study show monozygotic twin pairs have a slightly higher risk for cancer development upon diagnosis of cancer in the co-twin. Results of the study are included in the paper, showing percentages of incidence rates among the participating twins as well as rates of incidence for specific types of cancers.

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