Advancements in Cancer Theranostics

Sofia Brignola


Cancer is a major health issue in the world today affecting millions of people worldwide. Despite recent advances in cancer treatments, traditional therapies like chemotherapy and radiation have major negative side effects, including loss of healthy tissue. Cancer theranostics was developed for the main purpose of diagnosing cancer in its early stages through therapeutic and cancer diagnosis. Recently, there have been new advances in cancer theranostics regarding nanotechnology, treatment of breast cancer, and the use of MNO2-based nanoparticles.  The use of nanoparticles in cancer therapy has shown promising results, allowing for more precise cancer treatment and improved imaging modalities. Breast cancer, particularly triple-negative breast cancer, is one of the deadliest and most aggressive subtypes, and currently available endocrine therapy is ineffective. Immunotherapy and cancer theranostics can be used together to amplify treatments in patients. With these resources, cancer theranostics development can grow quickly in these coming years and can turn into an amazing resource for cancer patients. The personalization, targeted therapy, reduction in cost, and most importantly its ability to detect cancer early, there is hope for the treatment of cancer in the future.

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