A Study of Colorectal Cancer

Mike Dooley


Colorectal cancer is a major cancer of the world, it accounts for nearly 10% of all cancers worldwide and affects predominantly the more highly developed western world. This cancer does not only have a high incidence rate but also has a high mortality rate. Risk factors vary by age, lifestyle, and family history. These risks can be mitigated by simple and effective lifestyle changes and screenings of high-risk populations, such as patients who have a family history of colorectal cancer. Early detection through preventive screening remains the best method to increase patient prognosis, with colonoscopy being the gold standard of detection methods. These screening methods have proven to be highly effective, but unfortunately have not made as meaningful changes in incidence rates or mortality rates. Many methods have been developed to treat colorectal cancer and more are being developed every year to fight this cancer. One new method is the use of the autophagy to help the auto immune system detect and kill cancer cells. Many problems exist in the fight of this cancer, those being the lack of awareness of the public, low screening rates, cost of care, and the cost of quality of life for the patient.

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