Extracellular ATP Signaling and Cell Death in Plants

Linda Sain


The role of ATP in Plant Cell Death (PCD) where a cell through signaling or detection, starts Apoptosis (planned cell death) of the cell and signals to other cells to start Apoptosis as well. PCD with its signaling role in the extracellular matrix is a topic of study that many people have taken up and researched.  What effect ATP has on cell death and whether it can be triggered with ATP products, have been tested to see if they caused PCD. Also how ATP can affect the cell death it triggers and whether it can reverse this death with the use of FB1 which is a cell death pathway which is induced through mycotoxins.  This leads to more study in the field of PCD and its link to ATP as how ATP reverses the death caused by pathways like that of FB1 or how ATP could be applied to plants in the throes of PCD and how and when is the best chance of reversal. This leads to applications that would help growers and humanity based on these studies.

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