Gene expression patterns give valuable predictions for breast cancer

Samantha Severson


There are a numerous amount of women who don’t all react to breast cancer treatment in the same way.  So how do you predict which course of treatment will be beneficial? By the use of DNA microarray analysis it is now possible to see patterns in gene expression, and so classify breast carcinomas, in order to deliver a more tailored treatment for each patient.  The more accurate prognostication allows a better selection of patients to be more fitted for adjuvant systemic therapy.  Adjuvant therapy has a large hand in stopping the recurrence of the cancer as well as the patient’s chance of survival.  It is therefore important to identify the patterns of an aggressive cancer’s genes. There is always room for improvement however, and scientists are still trying to become more and more accurate in their testing, as well as treatment. These treatments may include radiation, new chemotherapy drugs, targeted therapies, bisphosphonates, Denosumab, and vitamin D.

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