Adipose Tissue and Fatty Tissue: Increasing Tumor Activity

Hayden Fox


This microreview is based on the increased growth of tumors in mammary tissues due to the surrounding adipose tissue.  This concept is based in the somatic cell growth that leads to increased tumor rates which then is classified as aggressive breast cancer.  This paper will be examining the cellular and molecular aspect of this issue in dealing with the tissue that is crucial in the increased cancer rate.  This microenvironment promotes tumorigenesis, the growth of tumors in tissue, and is still actively discussed among medical professionals, oncologists, and physicists. Differing concentrations of the tissue and the cell it contains are contributors in the tumor development and aggression.  Along with the increased concentration, fat tissues, which contain adipose cells, increase the chance of the tumor being activated.  The interested in this topic has always fascinated me because cancer has always drawn my interest in the fact that we, as knowledgeable beings, know very little on this topic and why it occurs.  Locating the source or reason of a cancer is of great importance to save lives and further our understanding of a now incurable disease.

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