Oral Infections and the Link to Overall Health

Weslee Simpson


The theory of focal infection is one that has been studied and debated by others for years. Focal infection is best defined as a theory which regards small localized infections (such as oral infections) and how, with the help of microorganisms like bacteria, this small infection can spread to other parts of the body.  This contributes to the main question this article focuses around, which is: does oral health have an effect on overall body health? In recent years, sufficient evidence has been provided from multiple recent studies that have been performed to gain insight on focal infection and to answer this question. This article will review the importance of good oral health as well as the outcome for people with good dental care versus the people who do not receive any dental care, and to how this can relate to overall health. This article also focuses on periodontal disease, a serious infection of the gums, and how this oral infection can consequently affect major parts of the body with infection. Periodontal disease, if not treated and handled properly, can consequently cause many impacting diseases throughout the body. This article will discuss and evaluate the relations this oral disease has to causing other diseases throughout different areas of the systemic body.

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