Dental Pulp Stem Cells: The New Upcoming Advancement in Tooth Regeneration

Tara Maule


Dental pulp cells, the new research being conducted in the dental field, are stem cells from the inner nerves (pulp) of a tooth that can be isolated and tested for function. In the case of these studies, the pulp cells and other comparative stem cells are used in order to test for regeneration. This regeneration includes tissue regeneration from injury, damage, or just depletion, and the start of regeneration of tooth structures. This research goes from testing in animals to testing on scaffolding outside of animals, and stem cells from human teeth, animal teeth, and other tissues from other parts of the body. In order to come up with the advancements that scientists have many studies have been conducted. One has taken cells from two human wisdom teeth to test for growth; others have taken the stem cells from rabbit teeth and done the same research. In the end, all of the studies are being conducted in order to further knowledge of stem cells in tissue regeneration and in the future, whole new teeth. Research in this field of study is becoming a huge advancement for the endodontic and periodontal fields to one day change the lives of many more people.

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