Schizophrenia: an Elusive Disease Caused by Chromosomal Abnormalities

Hope Elizabeth Hudson


Abstract: Although it is understood that Schizophrenia somehow caused by genetics, we are unsure where the information is coded. The purpose of both the SNP and CNV studies is laid out in the following studies. Their goal is to find patterns on chromosomes that alter their normal genetic function. In order to describe where the mutations occur and how they persist, SNPs are previously thought to explain the cause of the disorder. Researchers are now looking to CNVs for answers. These studies could contribute to the discovery of the link between chromosome deletions, duplications, or any other mutation leading to the development of Schizophrenia. If there is a widespread knowledge of the precise causes of Schizophrenia and on which chromosomes the mutations are located, researchers may be able to outline a revolutionary way to reverse the mutation.

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