Controlling Graphene Nanopores

Shelby Dannenberg


The study of genetics and our DNA sequence has been proven to be beneficial in numerous ways.  Currently, the only downfall fell into play when the cost was being tallied for the resources required to sequence DNA.  When cost is being evaluated many question whether the benefit outweighs the cost, but what if I told you there was an alternative.  Not only is this alternative less costly, it is also just as effective.  Would you believe me? A few questions may arise when first starting to understand this article.  The first question might be what is sequencing DNA?  What is the importance of sequencing DNA? How much money is the new process actually saving us? Does it really work? Throughout this article I plan to answer all of the about question and tell you exactly what the new process is like and why it is important.  Discussion will cover the basics of the article and in conclusion the current problems that could possible arise will be conversed.

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