The Effects of Dynamin In The Development of the Cells Function and Structure

Brian Cunningham


Dictostelium dynamin is a protein that in the correct amount or even and over abundance enables the cell to develop correctly and properly. However, a lack in dynamin can and has shown to have adverse affects on the cells development and even some defects in different areas of cellular development. Dynamin has shown to have effects on adhesion, cytoskeleton development, alterations in mitochondrial, nuclear, and endosomal morphology. Further study revealed that dynamin B affects the functionality of the plasma membrane, peroximsomes, and the contractile vacuole system. Vps1p is a yeast dynamin related protein that is required for normal actin cytoskeleton organization. It is found that the functions of dynamin-related protein and the function of Vps1p in the actin cytoskelton dynamics and the vacuolar protein sorting are related to each other. In the results of the conducted research, we can come to the conclusion that there is a relation between dynamin and the deformation of certain cellular developments. The conclusion can be made that dynamin has a more adverse affect when there is a lack in its presents and no significant changes or deformities in its over abundance.

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