The role of the cytoskeleton in cell membrane activities

Nick Liew


In the cell membrane there are many processes that interact with the cytoskeleton in order to carry out its process.  One of the processes that are affected by the cytoskeleton that is closely by is diffusion rate of particles across the membrane.  The purpose of this review to present the readers with evidence from previous studies and scientific implications that have been made by other authors that the cytoskeleton has a specific role in cell membrane activity.  Authors Potma, Jaqaman and Thorsten all show that diffusion rate is influenced by the cytoskeleton.  Thorsten described how they were able to track single molecule tracking to view how the molecules would diffuse across the plasma membrane.  Each author indicated that the cytoskeleton slowed the diffusion rates.  This is important because the audience can learn how protein diffusion rate across membranes is and can be influenced.

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