born or bred

Miracle Pipkins


This study helps answer the age old question, is homosexuality genetic? Robert H. Knight did a study on homosexuality. Mr. Knight was born April 3, 1954 and is considered a conservative writer ( Wikipedia 2017).  Mr. Knight is a American Civil Rights Union and communist for The Washington Times (Wikipedia 2017). Mr. Knight worked for Los Angeles Times and was also a media fellow at Stanford University (Wikipedia 2017). Mr. Knight is an out spoken conservative, who likes to talk about same-sex marriage (Wikipedia 2017). Mr. Knight does not believe in same-sex marriage and is very vocal about being against it. To Mr. Knight Lesbianism is consider to be "animating principles of feminist (Wikipedia 2017). Mr. Knight began a trial in the early 2000's, using information prior trying to see if he can prove weather homosexuality is genetic or someone's choose.

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