Stem Cell Utilization in Dentistry

Kenneth Rogers


     Stem cells research is in its infancy. There are many possible uses yet to be refined and its applications have the potential to be nothing short of extraordinary in the field of medicine. It is the beginning of what is being called ‘regenerative medicine’, which is the use of stem cells to restore tissues in the body. More specifically, dental pulp stem cells have a great capacity for this regenerative medicine in dentistry. They have the potential to restore structural defects, regenerate bone, and heal damaged tissues [1]. However, the lineage of these stem cells and their different subpopulations is relatively unknown. This study seeks to analyze the different subpopulations and their specific regenerative capacities so that dental pulp stem cells might be able to be used in a more effective manner. From this research, it was found that the subpopulation LNGFRLow+THY-1High+ cells had vastly enhanced regenerative capabilities than the other subpopulations of human dental pulp stem cells [2]. Great progress can be made from these findings as it sheds light on how to more effectively take advantage of the regeneration of dental pulp stem cells. It also raises many new questions as to what sets this subpopulation apart and allows it to be so much more effective. 

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