How symptoms of mTBIs/ concussions and biomarker levels lead to fast and accurate diagnosis Draft

Wesley Cole


This paper will investigate how diagnosis and symptoms of concussions can affect the body as a whole down to the cellular level based on the findings of Jones and Jarvis.  The occurrence of concussions has become a widespread epidemic due mainly to individuals being involved in sporting events.  Without a method to diagnose and treat effectively, concussions could change how sports are played forever.  Since most treatment and diagnosis is strictly subjective to the patient, accurate diagnosis is very difficult to accomplish.  Treatment and diagnostic tools are still being developed in hopes of figuring out how to treat this injury and minimize the detrimental effects of it.  A patient must exhibit no signs of impairment to be cleared of a concussion.  In other words, to be “healed” after sustaining a concussion, one must be completely asymptomatic.  This paper will examine how these proposed treatments and diagnostic tools affect the body which is a very important factor in determining if a treatment or tool is worth the side effects.  There are many proposed treatments and diagnostic tools that are being researched.  The main goal of these treatments and diagnostic tools is to remove the subjective aspect of diagnosing this injury.

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