Microscopic Organisms Clean Up Oil Spills

Jimmre DyAnn Hambright


Scientist are on Nature’s side with disaster clean ups that are earth friendly. With the resources that we have today becoming more advanced and increasing in use, pressure to make them without hurting the earth is increasing as well. The last huge oil spill in two thousand and ten caused a large amount of stress on our environment. Scientist are now using something natural to help clean up, without using more harmful things to these communities effected by large industry disasters. Bacteria can now be used to clean up oil in almost any environment while using natural resources, and saving energy. Its important to stay up on technologies in the oil and gas sector so they can continue as responsible as possible in the future. Microbiologist are discovering a way to utilize bacteria that will compliment the fossil fuels bad side. The latest strategy is finding nitrate-reducing bacteria and getting them in these communities that oil is emerging. Many oil companies are not favored in the communities that are effected by the downfalls they can sometime create. Adding something that comes to us naturally, helps the oil company, and the community effected could be a game changer.

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