How Prenatal Care Affects a Developing Fetus’ Weight

Lauren Owens


It’s no secret that the United States has a high obesity rate.  Much higher than other countries.  How does prenatal care affect a child’s development? In this paper, The Human Microbiome and Child Growth- First 1000 Days and Beyond, we will look at how the development of a microbiome can affect a child’s weight later in life, whether it’s through overnutrition or undernutrition.  A mother’s prenatal microbiome has a huge impact on the infant’s microbiome from the moment they are born.  Breast milk, along with other environmental factors help children begin to develop a strong and healthy microbiome from the time they are born.  Different regions have differing results in which bacteria need to be present to determine either stunting or obesity later in a child’s life. There are options to attempt to correct this issue, which involve introducing a healthy microbiome to an unhealthy one, or substituting foods for a more nutritional option.       

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