Potential Health Benefits of Dark Roast Coffee on DNA

Andy Tran


The purpose of this study is to analyze the health benefits of dark roast coffee. This is done by having a blind study of 50 women and 50 men who are presumed to be healthy. Dark roast coffee is used as the experimental group and water as the control group. The men and women are randomly selected to be in these groups and are classified by gender and their BMI or body mass index. The experiment went on for two sessions of four weeks each. The first session involved an intake of 500ml water every day without any beverages or products that contain caffeine for both experimental and control groups. The second session involved the experimental group drinking 500ml of freshly made dark roast coffee while the control group drank 500ml of water. Blood was taken from each group after the end of the first and second sessions then examined through single-cell gel electrophoresis to check for the amounts of DNA strand breakage. The results revealed that drinking dark roast coffee can potentially lead to less DNA damage in both genders.

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