Diverticulosis Disease: What's the cure?

Kori Davis-Rowe


            Diverticulosis disease is a condition commonly found within the large intestines (colon), that cause bulges to form within the walls. These bulges can form anywhere inside of the colon but are mainly found closer to the rectum (part of the sigmoid colon). Although this disease is not fatal, it can still cause many issues within the person’s body. An estimation of “over 2.5 million people are affected by diverticular disease in the United States” (Wen and Floch). Questions that are still asked today are “What’s the cure? Are there symptoms that I should look for to diagnose this disease”? Due to these questions a lot of research has been done to try and get the answers. Many articles have been written to inform patients about this disease, but there are still questions remaining that need answers. Within the article studied, the author is explaining many of the advanced medical treatments that are being introduced in order to understand the disease more and also to treat it based on the symptoms that each patient has.

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