An Examination of The Health Benefits of Fasting

Elizabeth Zluticky


Purpose of Review For many around the world, losing weight seems to be a consistent desire. As the number of overweight individuals increases, studies on caloric restriction (CR) and intermittent fasting (IF) become even more relevant. In recent years, studies have discovered the beneficial effects of CR and IF in overweight adults. Not only has this fasting been proven to aid in weight loss, but it has been shown improving various parts of the human body. This manuscript will review a research publication discussing this topic. While it was proved that caloric restriction has positive effects on the human person, a larger number of participants in the study would help increase validity of this correlation. This study states to have limited the caloric intake and carbohydrate consumption of the participants. While this is a helpful discovery, a current pressing question around the world is whether other types of biomolecules should be limited in order to lose weight in the most effective manner.

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