Silver nanoparticles and their role in antibiotic resistance

Macy Carder


Antibiotic resistance is widely recognized as a global health concern, and has long had its cause attributed to the increased use in agriculture and human medicine. Not only does antibiotic resistance pose a threat to the agricultural industry, but also human health. A recent article by Chitrada Kaweeteerawat, Preeyawis Na Ubol, Sanirat Sangmuang, Sasitorn Aueviriyavit & Rawiwan Maniratanachote studied the mechanisms of antibiotic resistance in bacteria exposed to silver nanoparticles (AgNPs). Bacteria exposed to sub-lethal doses silver nanoparticles showed increases in antibiotic resistance to a number of antibiotics. Because silver nanoparticles are often used in consumer products and medical appliances due to their antimicrobial properties, this study suggests that the very reason these appliances are often being used, is leading to an increase in antibiotic resistance among pathogenic bacteria.


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