Preventative Measures and Alternatives to Fight Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria (ARB)

Maria Anahi Vazquez-Sanchez


Antibiotic Resistance is a topic acquiring popularity internationally; one reason for this is that bacteria are constantly evolving and becoming resistant to antibiotics faster than antibiotics are being developed. Ragheb et al., 2019. Antibiotic resistance represents a current problem that will only worsen. Humans are at risk of experiencing another pre-antibiotic era, where any infection will result in death. In this review we will discuss some alternatives to decrease antibiotic resistance in bacteria present in the environment and in humans, we are going to analyze the alternatives that have been researched up on to reduce the evolution of antibiotic resistant bacteria (ARB). In addition, we will propose a plan for the general public to become aware of the problem and what they can do to help. Antibiotic resistance should be public concern as much as other issues such as politics or economics. We will emphasize the importance of collecting data regarding antibiotic resistance in different environments and how this could be used in future research.

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