Side Effects of Video Games

Miracle Pipkins


Video games were first introduced in the 1970’s. Many people have grown a liking to them. Currently, competitions have been created. People can play video games all day, if they win a competition, they could a cash prize of up to but not limiting a million dollars. In the unites states alone the video game industry is worth 23.5 billion dollars. New gaming consoles are coming out each year, people can play video games wherever they want and when they want. People are starting to spend to much time on video games. Studies have shown that since video games have been created children want to play on video games more than playing outside. We must grab control of this epidemic and fix the health issues that is coming with play video games every day. Video games can cause many different effects on our body, without us knowing. Video games are causing mental and physical disabilities to our body. We have all had our fair share of playing video games, we need to figure a was to reduce disabilities caused by playing video games.

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