Microreview: A Catalase-Like Metal-Organic Framework Nanohybrid for O2-Evolving Synergistic Chemoradiotherapy

Wenxiao Deng


It is a microreview of an article about a catalase-like Metal-Organic Framework nanohybrid Tumour, the one of the worst outcomes of cancer, is anaerobic. And tumour hypoxia cause problems including drug resistance and weaken the power of radiotherapy.  This article focuses on an nano-compound of metal-organic framework (MOF). The nanoparticles, AuNPs, nanohybrid as a therapeutic platform to achieve O2-evolving chemoradiotherapy. Both in vitro and vivo studies verify that the nano-compound serve as radiosensitizers and effective stabilizer. This study opens a brand-new horizon for future of theranostic nanomedicines.

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