Bridging the gap in immunotherapy efficacy for the treatment of pancreatic cancer—the case for oncolytic virotherapy

Alex X Arreola


In recent times, various immunotherapies have been glorified for their widespread efficacy in treating cancer. However, a deeper look into the effectiveness of immunotherapy in treating all forms of cancer reveals disparities. One such case is that of pancreatic cancer. Until recently, many roadblocks stood in the way of the immunotherapeutic efficacy for pancreatic cancer. The past two decades have witnessed the development of unique immunotherapy to overcome these blockades—Oncolytic Virotherapy. Though viewed optimistically in concept, further investigations revealed that many barriers bared even this approach from being effective in treating pancreatic cancer. However, within the past 11 months, two key publications suggest that this may no longer be the case. From synergies to macrophage reprogramming, this recently obtained evidence gleams hopeful light into an area of cancer research in much need of advancement.

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