Nosocomial Superinfection

Lucia Rutz


Most diseases in the past came as a pathogen and left behind antigens throughout the human body after it was treated with a vaccine. However, the adaptive immune system is very specific to certain antigens and will only target antigens have based on its genetic information. Bardi’s article is demonstrating how patients are developing new harmful variants from COVID-19 post vaccination. What comes off even more disturbing in this publication is that it shows that a handful of patients who are under intensive care unit (ICU) or who have been under admission for the duration of their illness developed a mutual infection from both harmful bacteria and fungi. How can a disease enhance and mutate itself inside an institution such as a hospital? Why are doctors and nurses getting infected as well, considering they are wearing anti-disease attire? Data and information have been limited to the public for safety concerns. These concerns regard public publicity and criticism for those who might be undergoing stressful circumstances relating the pandemic.

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